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Yoga 'Purusa: what is it

Purusa is the male aspect of the creation of the universe. This is the original pure consciousness of the universe, which contemplates the female aspect – Prakriti. Purusa, in interaction with Prakriti and under the influence of the Guna, begins to create a material universe. Purusa, in its original state, is not influenced by the […]

Yoga 'Viveka: what is it

There is a constant dichotomy in our world: good/ evil, useful/bad, pleasant/unfavorable, right/wrong, profitable/unfavorable, and so on. And from an absolute point of view, these concepts are very conventional. What in one situation will be poison for one person, for another will be a cure, and vice versa. The notions of good and evil, right […]

Yoga 'Sat Chit Ananda

Philosophers and mystics of all times were asked one of the main questions: “Who is God, and how do you learn his nature? Vedic philosophy, in some way, answers this question. So Brahman – the single nature of the whole universe, the higher consciousness – has three qualities, which in Sanskrit sound like “Sat,” “Chit,” […]

Yoga 'Avidya: what is it

Suffering. All living creatures, one way or another, experience it. There are rough and subtle forms of suffering, but suffering is an integral part of the cycle of rebirth. According to “Yoga Sutras Patanjali, there are five causes of suffering, or five “Klesh: ignorance, selfishness, attachment, disgust, lust for life. “Klesh” in Sanskrit translates as […]

Yoga 'Vritti: what is it

Everything that happens around a person has an entirely neutral nature, and only a restless mind begins to impose projections on objective reality, giving it any assessment. Most often, the mind is either in the state of past experience or in the state of future planning. This forces a person to re-experience the suffering already […]

Yoga 'Asteya: what is it

Aastya is an ethical principle, which means not to embezzle someone else and not aspire to possess something that does not belong to us and honesty and decency. The word “Asteya” in Sanskrit consists of the prefix “a” (denial, opposition) and the root “steya” (theft, stealing), literally translated as “not stealing. Asteya is the third […]